Yuba-Sutter’s Race Dialogues group meets for a community walk Saturday to promote diversity and inclusion.

 Yuba-Sutter’s Race Dialogues group came together for one of the first times in-person on Saturday for what they called the “fun, social part” of the mission -- a walk together around town. 

The group plans to meet every Saturday at 4 p.m. at Yuba City Town Center to begin a short jaunt around Gauche Aquatic Park and back to the fountain. 

Louise Miller, one of the group’s organizers, said everyone is welcome, including on the spot attendance. 

They had a few come on the day to ask about the group and the adventure. 

The group’s mission, penned on its Facebook page, reads in four parts: 

• To create a learning community that shares knowledge and skills around anti-racism work with other individuals and organizations.

• To deepen understanding of the history of systemic racism and its effect on today’s institutions, culture, and beliefs. 

• To improve our skills in countering racism and organizing for racial justice. 

• To network in a way that strengthens and expands our outreach, influence, and effectiveness in overcoming systemic racism.

In addition, Miller said there is a four-part virtual workshop dissecting the documentary “13th,” which continues next Saturday beginning at 5 p.m. via Zoom. The last day is March 27. 

 Tri-County African American Alliance board member Nyati-Melissa Cleveland said the process to end systemic racism begins with knowledge. 

“We can’t solve it until we know what the problem is,” Cleveland said. 

Cleveland said the group gets together on the second and fourth Friday of the month to discuss the book “So You Want to Talk About Race,” written by Ljeoma Oluo.. It’s available on Amazon. 

The group meets virtually for now to discuss it. 

For more information or to reserve your spot in the workshop, email Susan Allen at atomsheart9@gmail.com.

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