For a long time after her daughter's suicide attempt, the idea of bullying sent Susie Cauchi into "Mama Bear" mode.

Legally, the school district could not do anything about the cyberbullying that happened off campus and during after-school hours, and without a restraining order, law enforcement could not do much to help.

She wanted to do something to fight back against bullying but the anger and frustration made her hesitant to act.

"I just wanted to make sure I was in the right frame of mind, I didn't want to be resentful and I was resentful for quite some time," Cauchi said.

On Jan. 1, 2014, Assembly Bill 256 went into effect, giving more power to schools to fight cyberbullying by changing the education code to allow schools to expel or suspend students for such acts. It was then Cauchi was ready.

The newly formed Yuba-Sutter Stand for the Silent is holding a Bullying Forum at 9 a.m. Oct. 17 at Hope Point Nazarene Church in Yuba City to introduce itself to the community and raise awareness about resources for those who are bullied, want to stop bullying and the bullies themselves.

The forum will provide information about how to get help if you or a family member is being bullied, and help teachers and administrators learn techniques to deal with bullying behavior in schools.

"It's affecting so many people," Cauchi said. "Everybody I talk to has a story for me, whether they know somebody who was bullied, they were bullied or they were the bully."

The forum includes three speakers who will talk about the effects of bullying; Cauchi's daughter, Alayna Cauchi, who was a victim of bullying and attempted suicide; Doug Smith, lead pastor at Hope Point Nazarene Church who will speak about standing up; and Jenny Cartinella, a psychologist from Sacramento who will talk about the after effects of bullying.

After the speakers, a panel that includes a campus resource officer and a school principal will answer questions, and the 2011 documentary "BULLY" will be shown.

The event is free, however seating is limited and can be reserved by emailing or calling 218-8854. Visit for more information.

CONTACT Reporter Kirk Barron at 749-4796.

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