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 At times during this fall’s still simmering fire season, rookie Gov. Gavin Newsom looked a little like a scared rabbit as he ping-ponged for weeks from blaze to blaze, from Los Angeles to Santa Rosa and many points in between.

 This year about 700,000 appendectomies will be performed in North America. And although the lowly appendix does not get the attention associated with other problems, each year nearly 3,000 people will die of appendicitis. But do all cases require surgery?

Build 3.5 million new dwelling units across California by 2025 and this state’s housing shortage will be solved, Gov. Gavin Newsom prescribed during his campaign last year and many times since.

Sutter County Sheriff’s Department was down here at the homeless camp harassing homeless people and taking their vehicles that we live in without probable cause or justification. Their justification for this actually was ... “because they can.”

Autumn has arrived and, with it, open enrollment season, when every person with job-based health insurance “chooses” a health plan. If you’re like most people, you are struggling to figure out what exactly you get for your insurance premium dollars, how much you’ll have to pay out of pocket …

North state farmers feed the world. Valued at the farm gate, they produce food worth $4.4 billion,  making our region among the most productive agriculture regions in the world. 

It can be confusing for climate-conscious consumers to sort through all of the carbon-reduction options out there in search of the ones that can truly make a difference. Even with a background in carbon footprint analysis, I still find it tricky to separate the good ideas from the bad.

A half-decade ago, Gov. Jerry Brown and the Legislature overhauled California’s school finance system with the avowed goal of closing the “achievement gap” separating poor and English learner students from their more privileged classmates.

There is no public polling on this issue, but anyone who travels around California can sense that many, if not most, electric customers would like to be rid of big utility companies like Pacific Gas & Electric and Southern California Edison, yet they fear possible consequences if those f…

It’s been aptly said, “They preach patience who never felt pain.” Chronic severe pain can be soul destroying, particularly when the diagnosis is not known. One of the most troublesome categories is back and neck pain. It can render people immobile, making even the simplest activity a challen…

Having declared “I own it,” Gov. Gavin Newsom is stepping up his personal involvement and political investment in the disaster-tinged bankruptcy of Pacific Gas and Electric Co., wagering his still-new governorship on reforming– or dissolving– the nation’s largest investor-owned utility.

“We need more accurate updates” the pleas were unmistakable. “These briefings are becoming more and more general. Can you provide specific information?”

I guess it should be no surprise that the same week Gov. Gavin Newsom signed a bill into law that allows California residents to eat like a Third World country (you’re now legally allowed to eat road kill), that they should be forced to live like Third World refugees.

Here is an indisputable fact about California taxation: More than two-thirds of state general fund revenues come from personal income taxes and about half of those taxes are paid by the 1% of taxpayers atop the income scale.

During the 2016 presidential campaign I gradually realized that Trump was becoming the spokesman for our crackpot fringe; and once he was elected I knew that the crackpot fringe was now establishment. Yet, even then I continued to think that the worst he would do was shoot his mouth off ever…

It’s 2019. I’m at the DMV in Culver City, Calif. To renew my driver’s license. Waiting. Lines around the block. I’ve reserved ahead so it’s only an hour wait. I’m tired, so the photo they take of me has one tired eye and I don’t get a second chance.

Corruption and waste quietly abounded during the eight years of ex-Gov. Jerry Brown’s second go-‘round as governor of California, but there are signs current Gov. Gavin Newsom means to clean up at least some of those messes.

The city of Yuba City had representatives of CalPers visit on October 10th for a public meeting.  Unfortunately the general public, being apathetic, refrained from attending.

What is the school your child attends teaching him or her? Do you know? I was watching children in San Francisco (that had been excused from school for the day) protesting. These were young children, not middle school or high school. I was appalled. Our young minds are being indoctrinated by…

Have I been leading readers astray? For years this column has stressed that we’re all consuming too many calories, and in particular, too much sugar. I’ve always practiced what I write, so for years I’ve made sure it is a sugar-free cola that I add to my rum before dinner. But are these alte…