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COVID-19 has affected k-12 students, college students, low-income families, and communities of color. I am a social worker at Yuba County who works at a school and helps low-income communities.

It’s been 42 years since California voters sharply altered the state’s political dynamics by overwhelmingly passing Proposition 13 to slash property taxes, ignoring virtually unanimous opposition from leaders of both political parties.

I am writing in response to Joe Fedor’s letter “County Service” (Sept. 18, 2020). I understand Mr. Fedor’s frustration; however, one should look at some facts before accusing people of doing their job poorly. 

In a recent nationally televised town hall with undecided voters, President Trump audaciously claimed that Democrats were attempting to get rid of the pre-existing condition protections brought about by the Affordable Care Act (a.k.a. Obamacare). You heard that right, folks. Trump, who, alon…

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Beat 4 is located from a street square: Plumas, Bridge, Cooper and Hwy 20 streets. I lived on Almond Street for 11 years and experienced horrible street behaviors and conditions. My days with homeless bums sleeping on streets, people breaking into my car and property, cat haters shooting my …

It is a fact that Presidents are considered to be politicians. Similarly, the head of the Justice Department is a lawyer. The two men holding those positions today have both made statements pertinent to the current virus, on vaccines, masks, and other guidelines, and many accept their opinions.  

I am surprised and disappointed that the Appeal would publish a letter to the editor that was based on “alleged” accusations. This is how the media fosters deeper divide in our country.

Will the wearing of masks be mandatory for Halloween? Will we have to wear two masks – one for COVID and one for the holiday? If it is mandatory, would “no-maskers” be arrested or just not given a Halloween treat? Would it be a violation of their constitutional rights to make them wear a mas…

Poor Billy Cooper of Yuba City and poor President Trump of Washington, D.C. These guys are adults, and, yet, they still don’t know their left from their right.

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As residents of Loma Rica threatened by the North Complex Fires (Bear Fire and Willow Fire), my wife and I, along with our two horses were ordered to evacuate the area just after midnight on Wednesday, Sept. 9.

When the California Legislature folded up its tent 10 days ago, it left an extraordinary number of high-profile bills still awaiting final votes, and the finger-pointing has been underway ever since.

I am a veteran of the United States military.  I am a brother-in-arms to people that have served this country since the birth of our nation.  While some of us were drafted into services, others answered a call to duty in the aftermath of some great national emergency, however, the great majo…

I have been watching the rioting and looting, and killing going on in some cities of this great country and am angry that the officials in those cities are allowing it to happen. I respect our constitution, especially the first amendment. But there is one word in there that the thugs rioting…

As wildfires of record magnitude swept through Northern California last week, destroying thousands of homes and other structures, the Legislature closed its 2020 session without doing something about the fire insurance crisis that afflicts fire-prone areas.

It’s a tricky three-day weekend. We’d like to be recreating with friends ... but we’re worried about all the warnings that social gatherings are the greatest contributors to increasing COVID-19 cases. How about properly distanced gatherings? It’s going to be very hot. Not a great weekend to …

When the Legislature reconvened in January, the stage was seemingly set for a year of sweeping action on California’s most vexing political issues, such as a chronic housing shortage, homelessness and an embarrassingly high poverty rate.

People think that the coming vaccine will be forced upon them at gunpoint. I don’t believe it will happen that way. I think that there are enough people who will take it willingly that they won’t need to use guns to vaccinate the masses.

Will the third time be the charm for Gov. Gavin Newsom and his somewhat erratic efforts to battle the COVID-19 pandemic while preventing irreparable damage to the state’s once-vibrant economy?

The rolling electrical blackouts that hit California in mid-August were – or should have been – a wakeup call about power supply deficits that have been building for years.

The letter posted in your paper last week by Lloyd Leighton really hit the nail on the head.  Lloyd was bi-partisan, pointing out how Republicans and Democrats believe only their party has the right to govern  and the opposition being something other than American. 

Never before in California’s long experience with power blackouts have systematic, preplanned outages been as short as the 20-minute to 30-minute electric shutdowns inflicted on about 3 million homes and businesses around the state in mid-August.

While I really feel it is up to the Native tribes themselves to object to stereotypical representation as school mascots, the failure of Marysville High School to follow the lead of other institutions, including Colusa, prompts me to express my own objections to the “Indian” logo.