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Even before COVID-19 rocked California, there were stark economic differences between the state’s two major metropolitan regions —the San Francisco Bay Area and Los Angeles County-centered Southern California —and the pandemic will widen the gap even more.

The Sutter County health director has stated that everyone entering a retail store is required to wear a facial covering. However, to face mask or not to face mask is the question.

We have lived in the area surrounding Happy Park for 20 years. Annexed by Yuba City around 18-19 years ago, we expected the same treatment as other city citizens – wrong. 

No session of the California Legislature would be complete without at least one skirmish in the decades-long conflict known to Capitol insiders as “tort wars” — and this year is no different even though the COVID-19 pandemic dominates political consciousness.

When California legislators, decades ago, gave governors the power to declare emergencies and quickly deal with them, they probably had in mind sudden events such as earthquakes, wildfires or perhaps riots.

This week we asked our Facebook friends their thoughts about businesses reopening this week. Was it the right time or too early?

I’m a proud 5th generation rice farmer. My family and I have invested heavily in environmentally friendly technology – because it’s the right thing to do for our state’s long-term future. 

 It has been a tough seven weeks for our community – fear of the virus, anxiety over job loss, stress of the unknown. Most significantly, we should never forget about the three Yuba-Sutter community members we lost to COVID-19 — three deaths too many. Our hearts continue to go out to their f…

We believe that our local elected leaders – state, county and city – are doing what they believe is best for their communities. As long as they fully listen to the opinions of medical and science advisors and put community health at the top of the priorities list, we’re hopeful we’ll go the …

No shelter-in-place in Yuba/Sutter? I am an essential worker. I was on my way to work on Saturday crossing the bridge from Marysville to Linda, when I saw they were having motocross races.

I’m a 52-year-old homeless man who has a medical condition known as CHF, bad heart. Being homeless in Yuba County was bad, yet now with COVID-19 it’s really bad. I’m very high risk because of health issues. 

I’m just wondering why (as a former Yuba City resident) we can’t open Fremont Hospital back up to help with the surge of COVID-19 cases that are coming. They are coming, too, so why use our high schools? 

This morning (April 1) I was riding my bicycle around the Buttes over Pass Road.  I ride on my own lately in order to stay isolated from other people due to the COVID-19 isolation requirements and at the same time enjoy some fresh air, exercise, and of course beautiful scenery.