Thumbs Down: OK, for reals, no one really thought there was more than the merest glimmer of a chance that Amazon might pick the Sacramento area for it’s new headquarters and that an actual campus might be plopped down in Sutter County ...

That was the possibility. The slight possibility. The Sacramento area put in a bid and listed a number of feasible sites, including Sutter Pointe in Sutter County. 

Amazon had said it was looking for an area with more than a million in population, a business-friendly environment, a large base of tech-savvy workers, a strong real estate market, proximity to an international airport and major highways and at least 500,000 square feet to start. It was talking about 50,000 jobs and $5 billion in construction revenue ... wow ... exhilarating.

The Sacramento area was one of more than 230 bid submissions for Amazon’s HQ2. The gargantuan made the first big cut a couple weeks ago and we were left off.

Darin Gale, the public affairs official for  Yuba City, said in a story last week that there was disappointment, but they’re looking on the bright side.

All six counties included in the Sacramento bid had worked together and supported the effort.

“It created stronger relationships among the regional jurisdiction, and puts us in a good position  for other future large employers.”


Thumbs up: In case you hadn’t noticed, the city of Marysville has a classy looking new website up and running. Go to to check it out.

The city’s old website had been out of commission for eight months – it had been compromised by a hacking attempt and the city turned it off.

It’s good to have the ’Ville  back online.


Thumbs Up: We heard about this tactic to be used in the local strategy for economic development. It won’t be easy, but it seems like a reasonable idea and we’re happy we have economic development folks thinking along this line: Yuba City’s goal is to have each local business license holder add at least one employee over a five-year period. Surely we can do that.


Thumbs Down: The following statement came across in a Marysville Kiwanis group email about an upcoming event. It serves to remind us all to never assume anyone has had a normal, run-of-the-mill day at work. Some people have more to deal with than you’d like to think. When you’re feeling overworked and rushed and exasperated, consider this quote:

“I wanted to apologize that I have been unable to attend any of the meetings recently. I will come help cook ... (as long as people stop shooting and stabbing each other).”


Ugh: A patient was resting in the recovery room when a nurse came in and asked him how he was feeling.

“I’m feeling OK, but I’ll tell you, I really didn’t like the four letter-word the doctor kept using during the surgery.”

“Oh, no,” said the nurse. “Do you mind telling me what the offensive word was?”


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