BCV (before coronavirus) Vern the new dog and I walked a couple miles around the neighborhood three times a week. ACV, we’ve been going six or seven times a week.

One thing about Vern: he’s happy. He’s especially happy to see other dogs (except for huskies and German shepherds, for some reason). He shows he’s happy by waving his McNabbish white-tipped tail around and barking. It’s not his “there’s a squirrel outside I need to kill” bark. It’s his “let’s play” bark. And he follows it up with a quick jump and paw push on my leg. It’s something you get used to and he’s toned it down quite a bit since we brought him home from the border collie rescue place.

Thing since the virus: Vern is barking and wagging and jumping a lot more now. I’ve never seen so many people out walking and so many of them walking their … fluffy … dogs. 

Silver lining? Fluffy dogs and their fluffy people getting out there and getting in better shape. We started walking extra miles because there was nothing else to do. 


Thumbs Down: A letter to readers from Dr. Phuong Luu, Yuba-Sutter’s public health officer, starts out with a valid point and reminder: “we should never forget about the three Yuba-Sutter community members we lost to COVID-19 -- three deaths too many.”

Unfortunately, most of us practically forget about those three deaths. We concentrate on the other numbers ... the number of those tested, those confirmed, those recovered and the fact that our seemingly low infection rate might mean restrictions are eased a little quicker here.

But she’s right. Three of our community members died. That’s something.


Thumbs Up: Elsewhere in this issue of the Appeal, is a page featuring Hometown Heroes. We had a decent rate of participation from our readers, who nominated local frontline people who don’t get enough appreciation for taking care of us and taking care of business during the pandemic. Take a look.

And consider nominating your own Hometown Heroes ... comment on our Facebook and Instagram posts or email us at ADnewsroom@appealdemocrat.com. Tell us about the person or group of persons you consider frontline heroes. And send a picture, if at all possible.

We’ll print another batch as they come in.


Thumbs Up: We especially like this quote by West Coast Ravens Flight Lead Tommy Ishii: “Our goal is to have the community look up knowing there is a brighter future ahead soon, that we will persevere, to stay safe and to keep up our social distancing till this is over. At the very least this will be fun, and we could all use a little fun right now.”

He’s talking about a flyover that is scheduled to happen at 10 a.m. Sunday in the skies over Adventist Health/Rideout in Marysville. The flyover will be at low altitude and the planes will be flying approximately six feet apart at 180 miles per hour.


Who has cloth masks for sale? There are some pretty handy people out there putting them together. What with a new order requiring us all to wear masks as we go shopping and such, we’re looking for supplies.

Who is making and selling masks? We’d be happy to make note in future publications. Send details -- how many are available, how to order and receive them, and how much -- to ADnewsroom@appealdemocrat.com.



Why do dogs make terrible dancers? Two left feet.

What do you call a dog that does magic tricks? A labra-cadabra-dor.

What does a dalmation say after dinner? “Ahh, that really hit the spots.”

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