Your expectations change as you mature, I guess. Mine have. It struck me the other day when I walked in the door and the dogs greeted me. Simpler is better and just being home was nice.

I still like to go out some ... but I could be just as happy going to bed early. I still like rock and roll ... but not as loud ... well, except for once in a while.

And the things that I find pleasurable aren’t as complicated as they used to be. These days, those things I look forward to more than anything:

– Being greeted at the door by the dogs. Vern, the pup, jumps and rolls over. Susie, the senior mutt, stands off a little ways and howls. Pretty sure they’re both smiling. No one else is as happy to see me over and over again.

– The excitement of coming home and finding out what’s for dinner.

– Flannel sheets in the fall and winter; smooth sheets in the spring and summer.

– Napping in the car on the way to somewhere (when I’m not driving).

What about you? What inexpensive, unexciting things do you get excited about the older you get? Email me at


Thumbs Up: To folks affiliated with Yuba Water Agency for checking out the Westside Water Education Center in Sonoma County, studying whether such an operation might have a niche to fill in Yuba County.

Go for it. Use some of the profits rolling in from power generation to build a center devoted to the study and education related to water. 

Water gives us life; drives our economy; can be a terrible foe; can be a wonderful resource. Celebrate it ... and give us another worthy cultural center.

Our only comment is, don’t go small. The Sonoma County operation is aimed at teaching students from kindergarten to fifth grade. Ours should work as a museum/study center for all ages. 


Thumbs Up: We’re not sure how it will create any sort of clearer path to a solution, but it can’t hurt and it could help – a Yuba City citizen’s committee to work on solving our retirement unfunded liability problem.

Costs associated with participation in the California Public Employees’ Retirement System (CalPERS) are growing. Unfunded liability (how much a governmental entity is lacking in sufficient assets to cover the cost of future employee retirement benefits) has been the monster in the dark; now it’s out in the light, growing scarier by the day.

Yuba City City Council members are forming a committee to work with citizens over the next year to come up with solutions to the city’s unfunded liability issue, sitting at around the $70 million mark and growing.

Mayor Shon Harris says it will be a results-oriented committee. He and council member Dave Shaw will head it up. We wish them a lot of luck.


 Thumbs Up: A while ago, we learned more information about the return of the Gold Sox – not just another season, but somewhat of a return to the way things used to be. More home games, mainly.

General manager is Tommy Lininger ... from the family that made the Gold Sox work for years. Head coach: Michael Frantz. Ownership group leader: John Cassidy.

CSH International announced late last year it would cease operations. For a minute, it looked like a dire situation. But fans and community boosters couldn’t let it slip away ... so the team is now back in the hands of a local group. It looks like it will continue to offer a great summer venue for up-and-coming college athletes and provide the community with the leisurely entertainment so many of us crave ... a dog, a drink and the crack of the bat.

The club played in the Great West League the previous few seasons. It will now compete in the Golden State Collegiate Baseball League, consisting of eight teams from Sacramento, Reno, Medford and the Bay Area.

They open home play on

May 31 against the Sacramento Heat at Colusa Casino Stadium at 7 p.m.

Getcher noise makers, faithful.


Ugh: Someone sent me these old-age jokes. I don’t understand why.

Reporter interviewing a woman who just turned 104: “What’s the best thing about being 104?”

Her answer: “No peer pressure.”

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