Come to the park next Saturday.

It feels good to be with a huge crowd of people at Gauche Park, all focused on raising funds for research to fight Alzheimer’s. There is music, cheering, a little talking, coffee and freebies. You’ll see friends and kids and survivors and there is a little time to remember loved ones.

Like my Marysville Kiwanis co-member  Brynda Stranix says, the festivities at the park are “cool and fun.” What a way with words!

Speaking of Kiwanians, my club got a late start, but they’re getting things rolling.

They’re already the top service club, with $955 pledged or donated as of Friday afternoon. Unfortunately, they’re the only service club listed with any amount of money, so far. Sad. It’s like no other Kiwanis, Rotary, Lions ... any sort of service club at all can compete with the mighty Marysville Kiwanians.

Who’s ahead of the Marysville Kiwanis Club? Big dogs: Prestige Assisted Living, River Valley Community Bank, Adventist Health/Rideout, River Valley Care Center, Monique & Tony Milner; Bank of Feather River ($2,396), Walk Wizards ($2,420), Just Call Me Helen ($3,060), Team Tarke ($3,500), and Summerfield’s Serenity Walkers ($4,281).

Go online to; find the Yuba City walk and click through to get details, register, donate. Thanks.


You know what starts after Labor Day?

Bowling league.

I am a member of the small but suave “Thirsty Thursday” league. I don’t know the history of the name. There are some beverages consumed and it happens on Thursday evenings. That’s probably the whole story. It doesn’t matter. What matters is (take your pick): practicing the artful sport of bowling; transferring all the faces of evil in your life upon the 10 pins and then knocking the hell out of them; getting together and gabbing with a diverse group of people who all, oddly in some ways, fit perfectly together.

In fact, bowling league is, for me, like a family reunion -- one of those really big ones were third cousins from other continents show up. There are all those people there ... some are wearing suspenders, some funny hats, some are guffawing, some are quiet, some fish, some hunt, some drive big trucks, some drive electric cars, some tell good jokes, some tell bad jokes, some tell no jokes at all  ... and you might have nothing in common with most of them, except you’re family ... and that’s good enough. 

Same with bowling league.

You should join us. Not enough people get out of the house and away from video, TV, laptop and smartphone screens and do stuff with other real people. At the bowling alley, you have no chance not to interact in some fashion with real human beings. As long as you’re not mean-spirited, you’ll get along.

Don’t worry if you’re not a top-notch bowler. If you’re worrying about that, you’ve never seen us bowl. What if you’re the worst bowler on the league? You’ll make the person who used to be the worst a little happier. And you’ll have a killer handicap.

Here’s to all my bowling buddies: spares and strikes to everyone. 

Join us.

(Call Nu Generation Lanes to sign up; find them online ... then get off the darned computer and come and bowl.)


Thumbs Up: 

It’s supposed to be in the high 90s today (Saturday) in the sister cities. Not a bad day to drive up into the foothills and spend some time where the temperature is a little lower, touring the Yuba Feather Museum and Gold Trader Flat at Forbestown in upper Yuba County.

The little living history Gold Rush-era re-creation of a small town is fun to wander around for a bit; kids love it.

This is the closing day event. You’ll find the little pioneer town bustling with a blacksmith at work and other’s in period garb ready to relate the history of the region.

The little town is at 19096 New York Flat Road, Forbestown. 



What’s the difference between a well-dressed man on a bicycle and a poorly-dressed guy on a unicycle? 


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