For fear of the spread of the coronavirus, we’re supposed to stay away from large crowds. And they’ve canceled most of the events I might have gone to. Looks like I could be spending some time alone around the house ... well, just me, my spouse and Vern the dog, so couldn’t be in better company. But they’ll get bored with me before very long and we’ll all amble off to do our own things.

I don’t know, but the actual symptoms caused by the coronavirus could be bad, sure, but how bad? The chances are still better that I won’t get it and if I do, the chances are good it won’t be life-threatening. 

I can’t help thinking that we might be affected, long term, more by preventative measures than by the actual sickness.

I worry that we’re going to become even more socially inept because of the coronavirus. We’ll dumb down our communication to just Facebook and other social media sites. We’ll communicate wholly via memes ... It eventually will just be us putting memes out there hoping for likes. After a while, we’ll get tired of that addiction and we won’t even communicate with friends that way. We’ll listen to podcasts or music or look at animal videos on YouTube. No interaction at all.

I plan to skip all that. I’m going to work in the yard if the weather is nice – maybe even work on that fence that we’ve been building the last four years (hey, it just needs a little more stain). 

If the weather is bad, I’ll work in the garage. Because the garage needs work. All manner of stuff got pushed out there. It needs sorting. I’ll get my spirits up to get out there and get that done ... and that will last until the feeling of utter futility sets in. 

After that, it’s a quick downhill slide. I’ll start talking to myself ... out loud. 

Eventually, I’ll talk really loud. I’ll swear out loud once in a while. I’ll catch myself swearing and look out the window to see if anyone might have heard. There won’t be anyone. I might try singing, but eventually will fall into a sort of constant mumbling. I’ll start repeating myself. 

I might try singing, but eventually will fall into a sort of constant mumbling. I’ll start repeating myself. 

Mumbling and repeating myself. That’s getting pretty near the end.

Thanks, coronavirus.


Thumbs Up: The Yuba-Sutter area has a fair number of historic and architecturally significant structures. Among them are several old church buildings ... and one of the principles is Marysville’s St. Joseph Catholic Church. When you’re driving over the bridge toward Marysville, that’s the one that really sticks out. 

It helps define our local landscape.

The congregation is pulling together resources to undertake some $1.8 million in renovation work, including addressing the fact that the iconic tower leans slightly.

It was built during the Gold Rush years and today serves around 1,700 parishioners who regularly attend services. 

The goal, according to one of those parishioners, Marysville Mayor Ricky Samayoa, is to have the church around another 150 years. “I don’t think someone has to be Catholic to want to support such a project,” he said.

And so there is a fundraising campaign. To help out, contact the church’s business manager, Dale Walker, at 742-6461. Not sure about this? Head over to 702 C St. in Marysville, park the car, get out and walk around the building ... you’ll likely decide it deserves care and respect from the larger community.


Thumbs Down/Up: We’ve appreciated the work of Linda Fire Protection District Chief Rich Webb, not only as a capable administrator, but as an information source. He’s always responded as soon and as well as he was able to our inquiries about fires, fire conditions, resources, and more. That’s not always easy for someone who’s running one of our emergency services, but it’s an additional way of serving the public. 

Webb is retiring after more than 30 years with the district and some 20 years as chief.

His first day with the department was just a week before the 1986 flood. What a christening.

Best of everything to him. He’ll be missed.


Ugh: I stole these sick jokes from someone who stole them from someone:

– I hate that feeling after surgery when you’re not sure if you’re awake or asleep or if you operated on the right patient.

– I always feel better when my doctor says something is normal for my age; but then I think dying will also be normal for my age at some point.

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