Decades from now some poor soul will have the job of editor and will be leafing through past issues of the Appeal and will come to the Weekender edition of Dec. 19, 2020, and there at the top of A1 will be the picture of Dr. Jagraj Nijjar, infectious disease specialist at Adventist Health/Rideout, receiving the first local COVID-19 vaccine.

And depending exactly how far in the future that re-discovery is, society of that time might not really grasp the meaning of that photo.

A guy getting a shot in the arm: Hope for the future.

Many of us have some fear of the virus; but more fear for what it’s doing to the community, the state and the nation. The pandemic demands resources of all sorts ..... our lifestyles and our futures depend upon coming away from the pandemic as soon as possible.

Here’s to the vaccine and hoping it does its job 100 percent.


Thumbs Up: Talk about dedication to the community ... the Sutter County Library staff had to bug out of their main location to make way for the remodeling that’s happening there. They moved thousands of items from the library to the Sutter County Museum. From there, they’ll continue their curbside services.

Libraries continue to be part of the glue that holds society together. Dedication like this draws our support.


Thumbs Up: What a great deal. The week before Christmas, people are able to start moving to indoor shelter. It was reported Thursday that six local families would be able to spend the holidays in their own rooms -- Wednesday was move-in day at what’s been dubbed Harmony Village in south Sutter County.

Over coming weeks, the project operated by Habitat for Humanity will provide affordable housing to another hundred people, representing the area’s most vulnerable, including elderly, disabled and veterans.

There was a smack-yourself-on-the-forehead moment here a few years ago ... how do you solve homelessness if you don’t have enough affordable homes? (Part of the problem was the belief that the way to be rid of homelessness was to be rid of homeless people ... but we came to realize most of them come from here ... and where are they supposed to go, anyway?)

Sutter County purchased the Baymont Motel along Highway 99 in October in order to establish more than 60 units of low-income permanent housing.

The motel and a 302-unit storage facility, were purchased for $7.3 million and it was paid for through state and federal funds. The county transferred the property to Habitat for Humanity Yuba-Sutter, which will oversee operations and continue with refurbishment of the property.

It’s a great next step in the solving of this area’s homelessness issues. Individuals and families that have worked their way through transitional programs and are ready to be responsible for housing, prior to this, had a very hard time finding housing they could afford.

At Harmony Village, they’ll be charged up to 30 percent of their income, no matter what that is.

They hope to be at capacity by sometime in February.


Ugh: I don’t remember who sent this one, but it’s not mine (just want that to be clear).

-- What rock group features four guys who can’t sing or play an instrument? Mt. Rushmore.


These are from Dennis, who wishes to remain anonymous (oops):

Him: Relax Jerry, it’s just a small surgery. Don’t panic.

Patient: But doctor, my name isn’t Jerry ...

Him: I know that. I’m Jerry.


-- Will glass coffins ever gain popularity? Remains to be seen.

-- My local pub is a six-minute walk from my house. My house is a 46-minute walk from my local pub. The difference is staggering.

-- I visited a monastery and as I walked past the kitchen I saw a man frying chips. Are you the friar, I asked. No, I’m the chip monk.”


Best Meme of the Week:

Wife: Need anything from the store?

Me: More vitamin B.

Wife: Stop calling beer that.

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