We've really enjoyed following our Olivehurst-Linda junior softball team at the Little League World Series in Kirkland, Wash. No small number of us were checking the play-by-plays on our smartphones.

The girls had a great season, which ended with a nail-biter loss to the Canada team — a 7-6 loss, just a couple games shy of a World Series title.

They're feeling a tad glum now, we suspect. Hopefully they can look back at the wonderful season they had and smile. This will be something they hang onto for life. (And there's always next year!)

"How many kids can say they competed in a World Series?" said coach Dan Martin. "They have nothing to be ashamed of."

A parade and celebration is being planned to honor the team and coaches and supporters. Right now, plans are set for Sunday, Aug. 14, noon-2 p.m., starting at Washington Square Park, down 14th Street and ending up at Colusa Casino Stadium. Coordinator Angie Gates is looking for parade participants and community involvement.

The players represented all of Yuba-Sutter on a world stage. And they made us look great. Let's tell them thanks.


Thumbs Up: From reports, it sounds like the Peach Tree Country Club's fourth rendition of "The Event" came off pretty well last week with attendance estimated at some 650 — pretty darned good for a weeknight during a week with temperatures approaching 110 degrees.

Local gal Dahni Piro and band Uno Mundo opened the show while the sun was still out, then turned things over to Tim Flannery and the Lunatic Fringe. Flannery is a former third base coach for the Giants and has been playing music for years.

Peach Tree is looking to bolster its own business, but in a way that really adds to the spectrum of local attractions. It's a good fi,t and we hope it runs many years.


Thumbs Down: We're sorry to have read a report about some dangerous mob behavior in the parking lot of Toyota Amphitheatre last Friday night.

We attended the concert that night — our first trip ever to the concert venue near Wheatland. We'd heard mixed reviews about the place but honestly couldn't find a reason for any bad ratings. It sure doesn't look like much from the highway, but inside the gates, it's great. We've been to a number of outdoor concert venues — this ranks up there with the best.

The seating was ample, the stage and sound system were excellent, the vendors' area was well-run, and the lawn we sat on was lush, and it seemed there was no bad seat in the place.

And security inside the facility was more than ample and well-organized. It was a concert of The Dead & Co., whose followers might be known for some antics, but not generally the aggressive kind. We felt pretty safe and secure inside.

Exiting, through the lot, it did seem a little edgy.

Deputies were patrolling the parking lot and one of them tried to shut down an unpermitted vendor, which led to a pretty intense scuffle and drew a crowd of other parking lot miscreants who threw bottles and rocks at deputies, it was reported.

Luckily, no one was seriously injured. Still, the thought of a crowd circling our guys in uniform … scary. Maybe the outfit running the theater could shift some of the ample troops guarding the expensive seats from the cheap-seat ticket holders to parking lot duty.

Anyway, it was a great experience … up until we heard the news of the mob action sometime after we were on the way home.


Oops: Burt was an avid golfer, and one day, out on the course, he felt a little pang and before he was done with the round, he was hurting badly. So he went to the doctor and found out he had a short time to live.

He drove home from the doctor's office, thinking about how he had to break the news to his wife. When she got home from work, they had a long, tearful talk. But there was one more serious topic to discuss.

"Joan, you're still young," he said. "When I'm gone, I want you to find someone and remarry."

"Oh, no, I could never do that," she cried.

So Burt tried to add some levity to the situation.

"Now, now. It'll be OK. I want you to remarry … just don't let him have my golf clubs!"

"Don't worry, he's left-handed," she blurted.

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