Fundraising events ... it’s a thing in Yuba-Sutter counties.

Oh, other communities have them. But we have them a lot. We attribute it to the neighborliness of our counties – people just like to get together and have some fun.

Fundraisers that are organized here take a lot of work from the volunteers involved. Why, we sometimes wonder, as we’re setting up tables and chairs, standing over hot stoves, slinging drinks, mopping floors ... it would be easier to just ask for a donation and with the inherent giving nature of our citizens, we’d bring in some dough.

But we like value, too. Businesses are gracious, but get tired of being asked for straight-up donations time after time after time. Giving them, instead, the opportunity to buy sponsorships and tickets to barbecues and dances and feeds and various entertainments makes it all seem more equitable. And fun. It’s fun.

We’re talking about the events that create the financial base for a lot of charitable giving. In fact, it gets hard, around here, to find a weekend where there isn’t some event created by some charitable group to raise funds for its work – most often to support area children, but for any number of causes.

And almost all those events have been canceled and will continue to be until the pandemic is brought under control.

Just since April, we’ve missed a lot, including: Reveling by the River for the E-Center, Bike Around the Buttes for type 1 diabetes, the Elegant Soiree for the United Way, the AAUW garden tour; Casa de Esperanza’s Mother’s Day brunch; the Kiwanis Annual Youth Fishing Derby; the community Resource Fair; a lobster and crab feed or two, the United Way awards breakfast, Yuba-Sutter Fair (where every other booth is raising dollars for causes), the Walk to End Alzheimers, the Luau for REST, the wonderful Brews, Blues & BBQ ....

Some service clubs and organizations are going to try having food to go. Best of luck to them.

But the point is, there are a lot of ways the pandemic is hurting us ... beyond the symptoms of Covid-19. It’s hurting our economy. It’s hurting household incomes. And it’s hurting how we’re able to help those who need it.

If you’re one of the lucky businesses or households that are surviving pretty well, please consider chipping in with a donation to one of the clubs or organizations that regularly provide support and relief. You can find most any one of them by searching the web or Facebook. 

Even if it’s just a couple bucks, it’s going to help someone in our community.

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