Closed but not closed for good.

The Museum of the Forgotten Warriors is a unique and cherished local landmark. It’s a place where all things mindful of war and sacrifice have a home and where visitors can be reminded -- through thousands of pieces of artifacts, clothing, insignia, photographs, personal objects -- that it’s real people who stand out front in the defense of our civilization.

Rightfully so, people are concerned about the welfare of the museum. And there’s been some worry that the museum closed. Well, it has, but board members assure us it is temporary for as long as the pandemic necessitates.

Hopes were that, after it opened for Memorial Day, it could stay open, but the latest surge in COVID-19 cases dictated its closure again.

It will be back, hopefully by Labor Day; assuredly by Veterans Day.

In the meantime, the museum can use your support.

If you were able to visit you would be moved to leave a donation. Here’s how to support the institution during the closure: Send checks to Museum of the Forgotten Warriors, 5865 A Road, Marysville, CA, 95901.

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