We received some positive feedback on our story and feature photo package about the new bridge. But one caller wanted to keep us humble – she had just one message about our 5th Street Bridge replacement project spread in the Saturday edition, in which we featured several photos of the major construction project and comments from several local officials ... no one quoted in the article and no statement anywhere in the article reported which river the structure bridges.

Ugh… sorry for the oversight.

Well the Twin Cities Memorial Bridge crosses the Feather River, of course. And it’s significant to the future of the Yuba City-Marysville area. Any development that adds traffic infrastructure is probably going to improve transportation and invariably opens up a range of new development and possibilities.

But it’s not just that. Emergency services crews now have less hassle getting to incidents on the bridge or getting from one end to the other when there’s been some mishap tying up traffic ... Instead of two fairly narrow lanes, there are now four lanes – added to the 10th Street Bridge (which also crosses the Feather River), that’s eight lanes of traffic.

Just a few years ago, commuter traffic, especially headed east, could be backed up clear across the bridges. Turning lanes added to 10th Street in Marysville and the new bridge across the Feather River have taken care of that problem.

We’ve been logging the construction activity monthly since the project started a couple years ago. We’ve been impressed by the steady progress. It’s a major project – tens of millions of dollars for a structure that crosses a river and hooks up with vital thoroughfares on each side of the river, and it’s coming in on time and under budget. Kudos to the contractors, the officials involved, and the boosters.

A small ceremony with a few speakers and a couple dozen listeners was conducted last week. We’re hoping that the cities and counties put together some sort of larger ceremony and bridge walk once the pandemic loosens its grip on all events.

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