News was late Friday afternoon that evacuation orders were downgraded to warnings and roads into the fire areas were being opened. And everyone, finally, would be able to return to their homes.

Or go to where their homes used to be.

It’s quite a range of emotions for Yuba-Sutter residents – those living in the foothills and those with friends and relatives that live out there. As people congregated in various places this past few days, there were stories galore. Mostly, thankfully, we heard from friends whose homes were still standing and still OK, and they would be able to get back home. Many of them, however, noted neighbors down the road who hadn’t fared so well.

We’ve heard so many inspiring stories. Neighbors helping neighbors. Heroics. And the simple and sweet stories, like a lost dog found.

At the same time, there’s that list that came out of addresses where residences were burned. Well over a hundred in Yuba County. That’s a lot of people, for our counties, who lost pretty much everything. 

Our people have been great about stepping up and helping out as the evacuation lasted and the fires burned; we’re positive the community will continue to help out as fire victims are faced with clearing off their properties, rebuilding, refitting and recovering.

Please remember to let us know about any charitable functions, relief efforts, or volunteering that will help. We’re here to get the word out. Send information to, or message us via Facebook or our website at


Thumbs Down: We’ve heard from some quarters about people questioning the integrity of a lawsuit being brought by a Wheatland woman wounded in the Las Vegas mass shooting.

Paige Gasper, 21, was attending the Vegas concert that was brutally attacked by a madman with a trove of guns, many of them altered with devices rendering them equivalent to the type of automatic weaponry you’d expect on a battlefield. 

She is suing the hotel in which the madman attacked from, the concert promoter, the manufacturer of the “bump stocks” used to modify the weapons, and the shooter’s estate.

We can’t see where there’s a problem. Some people are making it seem that the suit is overly broad ... how could the concert promoter be at fault? Or the hotel, for that matter? And the bump stock manufacturer couldn’t have known a madman would utilize their wares. 

That’s for a judge to decide. It’s certainly legitimate, in our estimation, for someone who was seriously wounded by gunfire to bring the matter in broad terms to the courts to decipher. 

Besides, what are they asking for in this lawsuit? A total of $135,000 from a total of nine claims against various defendants. 

There will be lawsuits for millions of dollars from survivors of those killed and from others who were seriously injured.

It looks to us that this victim is more set on making some points about security and weaponry than getting rich. From what we know about it, this lawsuit seems perfectly legitimate.


Thumbs Up: We’ll have an article in the November issue of Prospect Magazine concerning the mix of cultures that make up our community. Candice Young-Fresquez of the Chinese community and one of the people who make the annual Bok Kai parade and festival happen, gave us a great quote:

“I feel that our community is very culturally diverse, it’s almost a true melting pot, in a way. In the future, I’d like to see a multi-cultural event to all get together and show off our cultural backgrounds, in addition to the events the area already has. It would be great to showcase all of the area’s different cultures and to show others in the community that might not get to see these types of events otherwise.”

There might be some sighing out there amongst those in the cadre of event volunteers ... one more event. But we agree with her. A local festival celebrating our diversity could be a great addition.


Ugh: Driving quotes lifted from the Facebook posts of friends:

1. “I know a little shortcut that takes longer.”

2. “I think I know where I am,” (while fishing a compass out of his pocket).

3. “Put your seatbelt on; I wanna try something."

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