We’ve heard all about it from the faithful of both sides. Their nerves are running amok – the balloting is so close, we’re not used to it taking so long, and it’s driving us all crazy. And with lawsuits more than likely, who knows how long it could drag on?

There must be a hundred different factors that have brought us all to the brink – somehow every issue raised by either candidate has become life or death. That means a lot of us are seeing little possibility of surviving through a presidential term served by Joe Biden or another term by Donald Trump.

Our minor in psychology isn’t going to be much help here. The best advice we can think of for dealing with all the anxiety:

– Take time now and then to stop and breathe. Have a drink of water, too.

– Get away from yourself. You’re evidently driving yourself crazy, so quit it. Go be around some kids, if it’s possible. Play catch or have a tea party. Or watch some ducks. Or walk your dog. Or be with some other adults (who won’t talk politics), even if you have to stay six or more feet from each other. Talk about the weather or a piece of art or your memories of something pleasant.

– Cut yourself off. It’s hard when you’re addicted, but make yourself stick to a limit of TV and social media time. Read the newspaper and then be done with the news for a while. Read a good book ... watch a good movie. Something funny.

– Do something positive that lifts you above the fray. Write a check out to your favorite charitable organization. The United Way is a good one. Or SoYouCan; or the Salvation Army; or Yuba Sutter Arts and Culture; or your church; or Hands of Hope or Habitat for Humanity … there’s no end of ways to be of help to your community and take pride in something you’ve done.

– Dig up a really dumb joke and send it to the editor (smiller@appealdemocrat.com).

Do all that and then circle around and do it again ... it’s been lovely weather lately ... have you gone out in the sun lately?

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