We wouldn’t normally make a big front-page splash over a new small retail business. There’d be some mention, for sure, and the greater the economic impact, the better. Beyond that, to be blunt, there’s advertising.

But there was a new business to report on for the Friday edition that we decided needed a little extra attention ... because of the curiosity that’s been building for a couple years -- since way back when Marysville officials decided they’d allow a couple medical marijuana dispensaries to open in town. Through various fees, the city derives some decent revenue from the previously banned businesses.

So there’s news value.

But what would we get ... that’s what we’ve all wanted to know. Some TV sit-com style fun house or some old hippie-style headshop?

Not according to the renderings of the shop that’s about to go under construction, supplied by River City Phoenix. A groundbreaking ceremony was Thursday at 521 Third St. -- in a respectable position between a McDonald’s and Rideout Regional Medical Center. It’s supposed to be built and ready to open in from four to six months.

The picture of the inside of the store is bright, roomy, organized. Not the smoky, murky, jumbled mess that a lot of people pictured. 

Like the idea? Hate the idea? The fact is that the City Council has decided to allow it and selected two businesses to award licenses to operate. There will be some jobs. There will be a bunch of fees paid. 

And now we know what the inside of at least one of the two medical marijuana dispensaries will look like.


Thumbs Up: We think the kids got it about right – at least in the topics they picked.

Sutter County high school students took part in an annual “Public Business From The Floor” speech contest earlier in the week. The contest is designed to encourage students to research and speak out on a topic that would fall in the purview of the Board of Supervisors. The students selected a slate of topics that couldn’t be more relevant. The topics of the top competitors: homelessness; mental health funding; flood evacuations; and funding for recreation.


Lots of things will be happening April 28 – you should reserve some time for that Saturday. 

The Beale Air & Space Expo is coming and will feature performances by aviators and all sorts of aircraft. It should be fairly amazing.

The list so far includes the T-33 Ace Maker Airshows, F-22 Raptor Demo, Patriots Jet Team, Jet Truck, Vicky Benzing in an A75N1 Stearman bi-plane, F-88 Super Sabre, parachute demonstration teams, the U-2 Dragon Lady ... and a bunch more on the ground and in the air.

It’s free and open to the public – the first Beale air show since 2011.


Ugh. The Captain’s back: 

A young mechanic moved to a small town in far northern California. After his first day at work, he went to the local pub and ordered three beers.

“Three beers?” the bartender asked.


So the bartender served them up. Night after night for a couple months, the young man went to the tavern and ordered three beers. Finally, the bartender’s curiosity got the best of him.

“You know, it’s a small town and everyone is wondering what the deal is – why you come in every night and order three beers.”

“Oh, well, I’ve got two brothers and when we were all about to leave home we swore that whenever we were going to have a beer, we’d have one for each of us.”

“Well, that’s a fine tradition,” the bartender said. And it continued on for some time.

But one night, the mechanic came in and ordered two beers. The bartender frowned, but served him the two beers. That went on for a couple more days and then the bartender worked up the courage and said: “Son, I’m very sorry for your loss.”

“What do you mean,” the mechanic asked.

“You’re only getting two beers now and I assumed one of your brothers has passed away.”

“Oh, no, they’re both healthy as anything. I still have a beer for each of them ... but as for me? I’ve quit drinking.”

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