Now there are 10 deaths (as of Wednesday evening) in Yuba-Sutter due to COVID-19.

We’re most often told that those who have died suffered other health problems that contributed to their susceptibility to the virus. Somehow, for some of us, that makes us feel a little safer, because most of us don’t have underlying problems. It’s too bad we think that.

What we hope is that news of underlying conditions among those who succumb isn’t used as an excuse for carrying on as if there is no virus to worry about. “Oh, they died because they were old and sick” has a sinister ring to it, doesn’t it? 

We also think that the virus kills older residents, though the latest person to succumb was in their 40s.

While acknowledging that recent victims had underlying medical issues, Bi-County Public Health Officer Dr. Phuong Luu clarified, “they didn’t have to die.”

The virus is a threat to life, underlying conditions or not. Don’t think you’re free and clear because you have no underlying conditions; do think you’re responsible if you happen to act recklessly around someone who does have underlying conditions. 


Steve Miller is Editor of the Appeal-Democrat.

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