Thumbs Up: We have a whole lot of respect for the Friends of the Marysville Stampede, the Flying U Rodeo Company, and the Rosser family. They made a tough decision and it’s for the best.

We all wish we could go to a rodeo this fall. No one wishes that more than the people who put on the show. But they made the responsible decision to hold off for a year.

Even knowing how much the community yearns for some entertainment, some diversion, some excitement, the committee took the time and trouble to do an informal survey to measure how interested the public would be in attending and in how interested the public would be in committing to abiding by the tenets that have been identified to help prevent further spread of the coronavirus.

Their conclusion was that it would be too difficult to guarantee that a rodeo performance could be conducted in such a way that it would not accommodate transmission of the virus.

“We do not want to do anything to further jeopardize the reopening of our Yuba-Sutter businesses and schools that are already suffering so much,” the rodeo enthusiasts said in their announcement. And that’s the bottom line -- not putting others in danger. We wish more people would think like that.

The rodeo supporters are even going to try to do some raffles to send some dollars to the charities they’ve helped through the years -- the Marysville Fire Depart., the Geweke’s Caring for Women Foundation and the local K-9 programs.

They’re working on details for the 2021 Marysville Stampede -- it will be Sept. 18-19, 2021. We’re sure of it.

We love rodeos. We’re sorry that this year’s is a no-go. But we’re proud of those folks for the thought and heart they put into that hard decision.


Thumbs Down: We have to admit, we’ve been looking forward to this weekend with a shred of dread. The weather is in play ... it could start to heat up again, it could be smoky again, it could be windy again. If all that happens, it’s more indoors living and we’ve gotten tired of that.

And for some of our neighbors in the hills of Yuba County, there could be a power shutoff to protect against fires being started by electrical lines.

Hang in there, everyone. Maybe do a little rain dance.


Thumbs Up: You may or may not be into classical music, but if you’re interested in great music and performances, take advantage of the virtual concert offered today at 7 p.m. by the Yuba Sutter Oratorio Society.

Live performances are out for the time being, thanks to the coronavirus, but Society members are re-broadcasting their 2015 performance of Beethoven’s Symphony No. 9. The performance features the Yuba Sutter Symphony and Chorus, the Yuba Sutter Master Chorale and members of the Veridian Symphony.

Their Fall Classics concert, canceled due to the pandemic, would have featured works by Beethoven, according to symphony conductor Corey Kersting. So they thought of their performance five years ago. It can’t be quite as good as experiencing it live, but it’s going to be pretty good.

“Conducting Beethoven’s Ninth was one of the highlights of my conducting career,” Kersting said. We can understand why. We were there for that live performance and we spent a considerable amount of time being awed and catching our breath. 

You can catch that great local performance today at 7 p.m. at It’s free. And it’s wonderful.


Ugh: Seriously, folks, we need some joke help. We need suggestions for jokes form folks who understand there’s such a thing as a good bad joke. Email me at I’m worried that the following COVID-19 jokes prove there’s a difference between bad jokes and stupid jokes. My apologies.

-- I used to think I just didn’t have time to thoroughly clean the garage. Thanks to the pandemic, I’ve discovered that’s not the reason after all.

-- I’m not talking to myself. I’m having a parent-teacher conference.

-- I finished Netflix today.

-- I’d tell you a coronavirus joke, but it would take a couple days to see if you got it.

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