Even as Yuba-Sutter’s confirmed cases broke the half-a-thousand mark, there are still COVID-19 deniers. They invest their brain cells in disagreeing with generally-accepted truths and protect their investment by employing various levels of obstinance: nobody can be right who doesn’t agree with them.

Yet there are plenty of us who do take, or are starting to take, the numbers and message seriously. So what if you are skeptical of the generally accepted truths concerning the pandemic? Well, what about what medical professionals from here in our community are saying?

An open letter, signed by about two dozen medical professionals is going around – find it on the Adventist Health/Rideout Facebook page: www.facebook.com/AdventistHealthRideout.

“COVID-19 is a real threat to lives and to livelihoods. Thriving communities depend on a strong economy powered by healthy people. Right now, both are at risk.” That’s how the letter goes. They say they’ve seen an alarming increase in positive cases.

“To those who say getting COVID-19 ‘is not that bad,’ we strongly urge you to consider what you would say and feel if it was you, your spouse, daughter or brother in the ICU, on a ventilator, facing death. It is that bad.”

They urge everyone to accept precautions as a collective responsibility and they list the fundamentals that have been urged on us since the onset of the pandemic:

– Practice physical distancing.

– Wear a cloth face mask when in public.

– Wash your hands with soap and water frequently.

– Stay away from work, school or other people if you are sick.

– Avoid close contact with people who are sick.

– Answer the call if a contact tracer with the public health department tries to connect with you.

“... Our hospital, along with others across our region, are at or near capacity. It is taking a toll on nearly every healthcare worker in our community,” the letter continues. And they ask us all to make a pledge:

“... we are requesting that you, each member of the Yuba-Sutter Community, individually commit to care for each other, reduce the transmission of this disease, and do everything you can to make Yuba-Stter a healthy and thriving community.”

We’d add this: Remember that each of us influences someone … even when we’re minding our own business. Wearing a mask in public encourages others to do so. Not wearing a mask encourages others not to do so.

Please choose to set the right example.


Needs Help: A press release from Special Olympics California is urging voters to urge state legislators to insert the organization’s funding back into the revised state budget, even during the COVID-19 crisis when in-person Special Olympic activities have been stilled.

The funding would affect more than 64,000 people with intellectual disabilities.

“Special Olympics California allocates 100 percent of the State of California funding to direct program costs. This critical funding enables Special Olympics California to continue to provide virtual programming, distance education, and inclusive online communities for our athletes and communities throughout California during the pandemic.”

Since 2016, the state has supported Special Olympics to the tune of about $6 million.

Special Olympics wasn’t included in the 2020-21 state budget, but legislators will continue looking at the budget and submit another revision in August, it’s reported.

To sign onto the letter to legislators, go to: https://www.votervoice.net/SpecialOlympics/campaigns/75141/respond.

You’ll see a profile box to fill out and then be asked to review a letter that will be sent on to your legislators.

We’ve seen the difference Special Olympics programs can make in the lives of its participants. Times are tough, but we’d like to see funding continued.


Ugh: We’re all getting on each other’s nerves a little, staying home so much.

My wife recently yelled from upstairs: “Do you ever get a shooting pain across your chest? Like someone’s got a voodoo doll of you and they’re stabbing your chest with a pin?”

“No, never had that,” I said, somewhat puzzled.

“How about now?” she said.

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