Very serious allegations are made in a lawsuit brought by Anu Chopra against Sutter County. The former deputy district attorney, who was let go from the Sutter County District Attorney's office, alleges she suffered through a hostile work environment, discrimination, retaliation and more.

She seeks unspecified damages.

But you can bet that eventual talk of damages will involve a significant sum. You could base that gamble on the style in which the lawsuit was announced, the law firm representing her, and the fact that they utilized a public relations agency to make the announcement.

Not your typical small-town, small potatoes stuff.

We had a story about the lawsuit in the Friday edition. We received notice Thursday via the Asbury PR Agency of Beverly Hills. It is representing the Bohm Law Group of Beverly Hills (with offices all over). In the press release, we're informed of the lawsuit, the case number, highlights of the complaint, and notes about the law firm.

"NOTE: Lawrance A. Bohm is a well-known lawyer renowned for winning what are believed to be the two largest single-plaintiff employment verdicts in U.S. history, each in excess of $100-million."

The actual complaint and the press release make extremely serious allegations.

We can't help but think that part of the strategy is to create a barrage of intimidating drama. That's not to say there isn't substance to what Chopra claims; and it's also not to say that there isn't a complete other side to the story.

We're just saying it's not often we get a full-blown, public relations-style press release on a court case. In fact this might be the first one ever — that's just how small-town we are. It got our attention, that's for sure.


Thumbs Up: We heard about Yuba City native Brock Stassi making the big league roster on Thursday, and the sports staff put together a story that went online that evening and was in the Friday morning edition.

And on the way to a Chamber of Commerce business breakfast, we, along with the rest of the country, listened on National Public Radio about the news and Brock's emotional statement.

"It's a dream come true," he said at a press conference in Clearwater, Fla., He had learned of the news just minutes earlier when manager Pete Mackanin asked him what number he wanted to wear.

The Yuba City High graduate was named to the Philadelphia Phillies active 25-man roster to start the 2017 MLB season, according to our story by sports editor Bruce Burton.

His family is proud, the whole Yuba-Sutter community is proud, and it's all shivery cool.

Brock is the second major leaguer in the Stassi family. Max made his MLB debut in 2013. He's with the Houston Astros organization and took to social media to congratulate his brother: "My brother is a prime example to everyone: chase your dream, prove the doubters wrong, and GRIND!!!!!!!!"


Thumbs Up: There ought to be quite a wingding in downtown Yuba City this summer.

Fotine HalikasKopriva with the Yuba City Downtown Business Association mentioned during that Chamber of Commerce business breakfast Friday that this year's Summer Stroll will be extra special — it will be a big birthday bash for Sunsweet (their 100th).

More information to come, but it looks like the place to be Saturday, June 17 is on Plumas Street.


Ugh: Old man Mike was on his deathbed. He knew the end was near. He asked that his family come to his bedside and that someone record what he was going to say on the camcorder so it would be official.

"To my son Bernie … I want you to take the Mayfair houses. To my daughter Sybil, sweetheart, you take the apartment complexes on the East Side. For my boy, Jamie, I want you to take the office buildings over in City Centre. And Jane, my wife, please take all the residential development on the riverbanks."

The nurse that had been standing by the whole time leans in close to Mike's wife and whispers: "Your husband is so generous … and he must have been such a hardworking man to accumulate all that property."

The wife shakes her head.

"He's talking about his paper route."

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