Yuba-Sutter folk love their downtown celebrations and arguably the biggest of the year is now in session. Marysville's 18th annual Peach Festival opened last evening and continues through the day today with all sorts of vendors, all sorts of entertainment, and all sorts of peach stuff ... peach pie, peach cobbler, fresh peaches, peach candles, peach perfume, peach ice cream, peach burgers... you get the drift.

We started experimenting with a peach dish last year, when our little backyard tree gave us a full bushel basket of tasty fruits. It might win the tasty-treat award some day.You take your classic BLT and leave out the tomatoes and add in sliced peaches. So you've got your peaches, which are very nice, and your bacon ... always great. The lettuce is just for looks. It wasn't bad. This year's weather has played havoc with our backyard orchard, so we'll have to shop for some good, local-grown fruits at the festival.

The peach is the star of this show; but one of the main draws? People. Everyone will be there. Check it out.


If you think you've noticed a few more wild turkeys (the actual birds) around here lately ... you're right.

Yuba County public information officer Russ Brown alerted us to news from Davis about a problem with too many turkeys -- the tough old birds were taking over the roadways and slowing down traffic and generally running afoul with the community. Given the gentle nature of Davis folk, some trouble was taken to capture many of the erstwhile birds for relocation.

It seems they figured that Yuba County was a good place to release the imprisoned birds. And while no one up here was looking, that's what they did.

"Yuba County is graced with a great deal of open land that can certainly accommodate displaced turkeys," said Brown. "I'm not sure what exactly inspired the Yolo County turkeys to wander onto the populated streets of Davis. Perhaps our birds will teach their birds that life is best lived out on the open range."

(We're not sure of that... from time to time the Appeal-Democrat property is patrolled by a lone turkey who trounces up and pecks at the floor-to-ceiling windows ... probably picking a fight with her reflection. She also has been seen a couple times, during 100-degree days, plopped down on top of a leaky sprinkler head, getting wet and cooling off. Regardless, she's not holding up traffic.)

Brown, who started out as a reporter for the Davis Enterprise, sent along a link to a column by Bob Dunning, who did a little analysis of the turkey situation and the methodology adopted for dispatching the problem. He noted that the city had a turkey removal program underway.

"The plan allocates $20,400 to cover immediate equipment costs, and $5,500 to $11,500 in subsequent years. The current management plan steps up efforts to reduce the number of wild turkeys in Davis, recommending capture and relocation as the primary strategy and selective lethal removal as a secondary option.

"'Lethal removal,' for the faint of heart, is better known in the Wild, Wild West as 'shoot 'em dead.'

"The first phase of turkey relocation was carried out in March in collaboration with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife. Twenty-five turkeys were captured in and around the cemetery grounds in East Davis and were relocated to Yuba County.

"Doing the math, that works out to a relocation cost of $816 per turkey, which includes capture by a skilled turkey rodeo cowboy, an Uber ride to Yuba County and release into the wild by some sort of bleeding-heart, turkey-loving organization.

"Apparently, either Yuba County does not know about these 25 turkeys or it doesn't consider them to be a nuisance."

Dunning reviewed the demise, by "lethal removal" of one particularly aggressive and territorial Tom turkey. The columnist bragged he had never had a problem because he always carried along a can of cranberry sauce, "the sight of which will scare away even the most aggressive turkey."


Ugh: A toilet was stolen from city hall. The police are investigating ... but they've got nothing to go on. (Courtesy of a friend whose initials are B.S.)

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