As medical professionals and healthcare leaders of the Yuba-Sutter Region, we invite each of you to join us in protecting the health and wellbeing of those we love and care about in our community.

 COVID-19 is a real threat to lives and to livelihoods. Thriving communities depend on a strong economy powered by healthy people. Right now, both are at risk. We have seen an alarming increase in positive cases in our community over the past several weeks, with a significant surge over the 4th of July weekend. This surge has not only affected the lives of people with COVID-19, but their families and those with whom they have been in contact. One hospitalized person represents many others with an increased risk of illness and hospitalization. To those who say getting COVID-19 “is not that bad,” we strongly urge you to consider what you would say and feel if it was you, your spouse, daughter or brother in the ICU, on a ventilator, facing death? It is that bad. 

  We can choose to reduce the risk of this illness – which results in hospitalizations, breathing tubes, prolonged recovery, lasting deficits, and deaths of our family members and neighbors. We can accept this as our collective responsibility to each other. By reducing the transmission and the impact of this disease, our community will benefit from an open, thriving economy and continuation of its recovery efforts. 

 Every person has a role to play in protecting themselves, their family and our community. You can do your part by staying home except for essential needs/activities in line with local and state public health guidelines including: 

 - Practice physical distancing. 

- Wear a cloth face mask when in public. 

- Wash your hands with soap and water frequently. 

- Stay away from work, school or other people if you are sick. 

- Avoid close contact with people who are sick. 

- Answer the call if a contact tracer with the public health department tries to connect with you.

 Our ICU has had COVID patients that include people in their 20s through 50s as well as older. Some with no pre-existing conditions. Our Hospital, along with others across our region, are at or near capacity. It is taking a toll on nearly every healthcare worker in our community.

 For these reasons, we are requesting that you, each member of the Yuba-Sutter Community, individually commit to care for each other, reduce the transmission of this disease, and do everything you can to make Yuba-Sutter a healthy and thriving community. 

 Our joint efforts can defeat this Pandemic. Our medical professionals and scientists are working hard to find better treatment options. Until then, let us stay vigilant. 

 Thank you.


(This letter was signed by medical professionals from Sutter North Medical Group, Ampla Health, Adventist Health/Rideout, Harmony Health Medical Clinic, and Peach Tree Health.)

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