No session of the California Legislature would be complete without at least one skirmish in the decades-long conflict known to Capitol insiders as “tort wars” — and this year is no different even though the COVID-19 pandemic dominates political consciousness.

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This week we asked our Facebook friends their thoughts about businesses reopening this week. Was it the right time or too early?

 It has been a tough seven weeks for our community – fear of the virus, anxiety over job loss, stress of the unknown. Most significantly, we should never forget about the three Yuba-Sutter community members we lost to COVID-19 — three deaths too many. Our hearts continue to go out to their f…

This morning (April 1) I was riding my bicycle around the Buttes over Pass Road.  I ride on my own lately in order to stay isolated from other people due to the COVID-19 isolation requirements and at the same time enjoy some fresh air, exercise, and of course beautiful scenery.

As the coronavirus pandemic was clobbering California – and the rest of the known world –this month, local government officials in Sacramento County enthusiastically decided to ask voters to approve a hefty sales tax increase for transportation improvements.

During his first couple weeks of managing California’s COVID-19 crisis, Gov. Gavin Newsom’s words and actions were impressively cool-headed and measured.

As you all know, our Bi-County Health Officer Dr. Phuong Luu issued a directive to Yuba and Sutter county residents to remain at home except to engage in “essential activities,” effective 11:59 p.m. Thursday, March 19, in response to the regional spread of COVID-19. In light of this directiv…

The Yuba-Sutter Valley Quilt Guild has put on its annual quilt show in March every year for the last 36 years. This was the 37th year, and it was only almost a quilt show. 

The economic transformation of California after World War II – first into an industrial powerhouse and later into a center of technology and trade – owed much to its geographic location on the eastern edge of the Pacific Rim.

Editor’s Note: Following is a transcript of the greeting delivered by Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Sacramento at Fire Mountain president Mark Birtha to attendees of the annual Yuba-Sutter Chamber of Commerce awards banquet conducted there Feb. 28.

 Aristotle, the Greek philosopher, wrote “There is a stupid corner in the brain of every wise man.” The best current example is the appalling lack of action by the Chinese government to fight COVID-19 with high doses of vitamin C – both as a clinical treatment for those who are infected and …

It turns out California’s politicians were right: they advanced the state’s presidential primary election from its traditional June date to the earliest time available under Democratic Party rules to attain more national influence, and they achieved that goal.

The Appeal, in its Wednesday edition, published a story about a property in Olivehurst where Yuba County Code Enforcement was engaged in a huge abatement project. They've hauled out more than 30 junk cars and mounds of junk and rubbish. Neighbors are generally happy about it; the property ow…

In an ideal world, there would be no need for this year’s Proposition 13, the only statewide measure voters will decide in the ongoing California primary election, which culminates on the official March 3 Election Day.

Senate Bill 10, passed by the Legislature and signed by then-Gov. Jerry Brown in 2018, violated one of the unwritten rules of making public policy in California.

All those folks who have been saying for years that California housing and taxes are too expensive for most Americans to move here, take note: The newest survey of Americans aged 45 or more, those who can be expected to retire in the next two decades, show the Golden State has lost little of…

Every time Scott Wiener amends his SB 50 plan to force much higher housing density on virtually all parts of California, it seems a little less onerous for homeowners whose hard-earned life savings are invested in the kind of single family homes and roomy lots that originally drew millions t…

California’s largest, most important –and perhaps most troubled – governmental program is the education of nearly 6 million elementary, middle and high school students.

A new poll of California voters finds a virtual tie among Sens. Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren and former Vice President Joe Biden just a couple of weeks before mail voting begins for the March 3 Democratic presidential primary.

One danger Iran presents to the world is ideological, but the greatest threat it poses is nuclear. If Iran, a regime with ties to terrorism, were to develop weapons of mass destruction, then global security would be imperiled.

From Madera to Mill Valley, Eureka to Encinitas, Coalinga to Claremont, local columns are among the most popular features in newspapers that still survive in this era of Craigslist and eBay taking away classified advertising and many display ads moving to Google and Facebook.

“The days run away like wild horses over the hills,” to borrow the title of a poem by Charles Bukowski. Never were these words truer than as a description of our most recently completed year. We have come so far at Yuba Sutter Arts at such a breakneck pace, and, yet, I feel we still have muc…

It happens almost every winter: pundits from eastern news outlets make weeklong pilgrimages to California, interview top officials here and generally report back that there’s something rotten in the state of the Golden State, as Shakespeare might have put it.

 Hippocrates, in 400 B.C., counseled that, “Sneezing will stop a hiccup.” But for centuries the hiccup also triggered laughter when it happens while talking to friends. But medical reports show there are occasions when a hiccup is no laughing matter.