I am a new student at Marysville High School and I am very appalled at what I am seeing recently. This week was their annual "Battle of the Sexes" rally, but instead of having friendly competition, the school is allowing its students to bully each other and put down individuals.

When I attended today (Nov. 21), I immediately felt uncomfortable. It was hard to pass up the posters with hateful messages on them, saying "Get on your knees and scrub the floors," "Get in the kitchen and make me a sandwich" and "this isn't the kitchen, you don't belong here."

Most of the students were not phased by these harmful words, but a few have spoken to me about it after the rally and they were not pleased, either. Not only that, but their "gender bender" spirit day, where you dress as the opposite sex, was coincidentally held on the same day as Transgender Remembrance Day, a holiday in the LGBT community to remember those who have been lost to suicide as a result of bullying for being transgender.

I am very disgusted by what this school is letting their students say to each other, jokingly or not, this is completely inappropriate!

Is this what we are subjecting our children to?

Haylee Spence


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