I am writing in regard to comments made by the CEO of Rideout Hospital regarding its recent computer crash.

He said quality of care for patients had not been compromised during this incident. He is lying. My spouse went to Rideout almost two weeks ago and had a Lexiscan of her heart when the computer system went down. The hospital doctor released her and assured her that if anything were wrong, the radiology department would spot it and she would inform us.

Here it is two weeks later and now they are saying because of the computer problem the entire test didn't get to her cardiologist until today. They think she may have had a minor heart attack and needs further cardiac intervention.

Is this the new "open and improved" truths we are getting from this hospital? Rideout CEO Robert Chason misinformed us all.

I am sure my spouse, who has fallen through the cracks during this inexcusable lapse in Rideout's technical policies, is not the only patient suffering similar situations.

Shame on Chason for minimizing the effects of this catastrophe at our local hospital.

Edward Ferreira

Yuba City

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