Global warming is not a myth, but predicting the end of the Earth 19 years ago was and now in 12 years or 1,200 years is. Al Gore predicted 19 years, but it did not happen. Now AOC’s 12 years will not happen. If the environmental scientists like OC’s and friends really believe that the end of it all is 12 years wouldn’t they use a grain of conscious if they have any and start being nice to others and trying their best themselves to prevent global warming by doing what they are preaching. I heard one of them who is a millionaire answer a question of the moderator on the television “why don’t you pay 40 percent to the the IRS as you are proposing to levy on all millionaires if you become president.” His answer was “I am not going to give it.” They are repeating the phrase by saying do as I say and not as I do. 

We all saw the images and background of the black hole in the A-D. Why don’t they talk to them first about the end of the Earth about time wise? All of us living today including the ones born today are going to be dead within 100 years, except a handful in the world who still are on some kind of life support. For all of them, there is nothing left including Earth or anything on it. For it will be doomsday.

We have elected them to safeguard us from within an outside. To all the sanctuary states and cities that were preaching that no matter who you are legal, illegal or something else “we welcome you with open arms into our state or city.” Now the president offered to send some of those illegal people detained at the border to the sanctuary states and cities, but they have changed their tune. They are protesting it and calling it illegal. If they are not frauds then what else could they be? They welcome all illegals, but not in their neighborhoods.

From all of us who are working hard to raise our families we beg all of the bureaucrats in Washington to start looking out for use the citizens and the legal residents alike, plus take care of the needy and protecting us from the communistic minds within and outside. 

I am a Democrat and I don’t like to be told to join Republicans or something else. Just write what you think is right about global warming. Thank you.

Gulzar S. Johl, M.D.

Yuba City

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