We have lived in the area surrounding Happy Park for 20 years. Annexed by Yuba City around 18-19 years ago, we expected the same treatment as other city citizens – wrong. 

After annexation, I contacted the police department asking when to expect city police presence. I was informed patrols would begin soon. I commend the Sutter County Sheriff’s Department, great job with the available resources. 

The Sutter County population has doubled since 1970. An increase in deputies, negligible. Yuba City dumped us on them. 

Since living here we have come close to being “t-boned” dozens of times by speeding drivers running stop signs. Lately, vehicles are racing from stop sign to stop sign. 

Now some jerk riding a motocross bike, no helmet, running stop signs has been riding at high speed in broad daylight, across Happy Park while children are playing in the park. 

I was young once, I did my fair share of stupid things, but I never endangered innocent children at play in a park. 

Hey Yuba City do you know why people are doing these things? Because they can – there is no one to stop them. 

You annex tracts of land with no plans as to how you are going to provide services afforded to other citizens. You borrow millions to build a community pool, GAP, not knowing how to pay for it. You closed GAP and dismantled money generating organizations. 

... Nice going ...

– Frank Hamrah,

Yuba City

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