Listen to your animals. I had read about animals predicting earthquakes.

In 1997 my cat began pacing in the living room. It was only after the request to evacuate did I realize she was pacing parallel with the Feather River that was nearby and running full. 

As I looked back, my cat was the one who was trying to alert me to the abnormal amount of water flowing down the Feather River. My cat did not like the car and did not like other animals. But she did not cry in the car and she didn’t object to other pets in the home we arrived at..

In 2005 I was in an area where a serious hurricane was approaching. The afternoon before the storm was forecast to hit where I lived, I noticed that the birds had come out of hiding and were bathing and chirping in the gutters. The geckos came out of hiding too. It was then that I knew the hurricane would not hit us directly and that we were out of immediate danger.    The hurricane did indeed take a turn and only outer bands hit my community.

Now I know that we need to read our animals for things we can’t predict, and to modulate our anxieties and fears so our pets don’t pick up on them.

My two cats seem to think they need to be on or around me.  A friend of mine reports that her cats who typically live outside are now all inside.

We need to give credit to the animals and read their behavior to inform us.

Karen Hess,

Yuba City 

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