Re: Nancy Pelosi

Nancy Pelosi: the woman is a real piece of work. There was her despicable act of tearing up the state of the union speech that was seen around the world. Now there is her flaunting her wealth by showing off her large freezer filled with very expensive ice cream, while people in this country are pinching pennies in order to hang onto their homes and put food on the table for their kids.

Now she and all of the socialist democrats have included twenty five million for the Kennedy Center in money bills that are supposed to help the people. 

Also included in these money bills is money for universities that have billions of dollars in their endowment funds. These schools are paying their presidents millions in salary. I don’t have a fancy education, but I recognize stupid when I see it.  

The Democrats should search for another Harry Truman to run for president. He is the last good Democrat elected to the office. John Kennedy seemed to be going in the right direction but was killed, so we don’t know how he would’ve governed, for he really did not get the opportunity.

The country needs to get back to work. It will take years to get over the damage this pandemic has and is still causing to the economy. 

And AOC and her allies are telling people not to go back to work. 

All I can say is God bless America, and I hope that the next elections bring great and positive change.

Billy Cooper,

Yuba City

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