Re: Mueller Report

Some responses to your  recent survey about the Mueller Report reminded me of the historical story of the Mexican leader who, when given a message he did not like, shot the messenger.

I understand that people may not like what was in the Mueller investigation report, and that is a somewhat normal partisan political response.  That said, I have deep concern about personal attacks on Robert Mueller, the man.

Consider:  the man was a Marine officer wounded in Vietnam; a man with awards for his valor;  a man selected for positions by four presidents, and validated by congressional approval.  He is also a man with personal integrity, and that is a highly needed virtue in our nation. 

The results based on facts of the charge he was given were just that; facts.  I do not know law, but I do know words.  “Insufficient evidence” does not mean there was “no” evidence, it means that there was some evidence, but not enough to prove a point in a court of law.  Disagree with the facts if you will, but do not denigrate the man for finding them, and telling us about them.  Thank you.


Bob and Winnie Bush,

Yuba City

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