Re: Impeachment

If I have to listen to one more Democrat say, “No one is above the law,” I think I will puke.

If they really believe that, why do we have millions of illegal aliens running loose in the USA, committing all sorts of crime?  

The liberals say that the illegals live in the shadows because they are afraid of being arrested.  Well one hell of a crowd showed up in New Jersey and New York to obtain a drivers license, and the images I saw on TV did not show people that looked afraid.

Now to the impeachment , what a lot of BS.  

After all the money and time spent on the Muller investigation, the Nadler investigation, the Shiff investigation, all they had was hear-say evidence.  

But these people hate President Trump so much they ignored the facts and went on with the farce.    President Trump has been the target of a vendetta even before he was elected and still is, and the so called main stream media is part of the vendetta.

All of the money wasted on this BS could have gone to help in reducing the homeless problem, or fixing our run down roads and bridges.  

Now Nancy Pelosi wants to try and control the Senate also.  

I hope that Senator McConnell tells her to butt out.

Thank you for allowing me to state my feelings on this matter.

Billy Cooper, 

Yuba City

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