RE: Proposed Highway 99 roundabout

I just read about the proposed “roundabout” at the Hwy 99 and Oswald intersection.

My daughter, husband, and I routinely travel the Hwy 99 corridor from our home in Yuba City to Sacramento and back.

We have seen horrendous scenes over the past few years of fatal accidents at various intersections along the route, particularly in Sutter County.

Every fatal accident we have encountered has been the result of speed and an intersection or cross street. This corridor is a freeway for all intent and purposes. 

Attempts to slow most of traffic down will only increase dangers at those intersections. 

Hwy 99 is often dangerous along this corridor due to extremely low visibility in fog. Can you imagine the potential for disaster with a roundabout in the middle of the highway!? I am scared to death at the thought!

This corridor becomes more congested every day as development increases and Sacramento’s urban sprawl grows. This will not stop any time soon.

Trucks pulling in/out create a very dangerous situation and a constant safety issue. Do the truck-stops themselves, who are creating this dangerous situation for their profit, hold some responsibility in providing a solution?

Would considering over or underpasses make more sense in eliminating the potential for fatal collisions? Please consider an alternative to the current plan. 

Please help make this corridor safe for everyone, now and in the future. A roundabout will not make it safe.

Respectfully submitted,

Witness to multiple Hwy 99 death scenes.

Flo DiBona, 

Yuba City

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