Re: Voting


I’ve noticed lately that there is a slow, visible and vocal dissatisfaction with the way things are going here in California. 

Decisions being made, laws being passed that we haven’t been given a chance to vote on. One decision that’s high on the list is the one that Gov.Newsom is threatening that California will take over PG&E if they don’t get fires,blackouts under control. 

You know what happens when government takes charge of anything --in most cases we the people lose. I know something needs to be done, but the government is not the answer.

The Democrats have taken complete control in California. Where is our voice? It should be more equal.. Demos and Republicans alike.

Face it, we have been complaining for too long all the while sitting on our rear ends and not voting. Each and every vote counts. Add up all the “my vote won’t count”, and see what you get.

I heard this from someone else.... Do you want someone else making decisions for you without you having a chance to voice your opinion. Please vote. you do count. your vote is important.


Doris Keiser,

Yuba City

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