Go get the shot

The Yuba City area had our 150th (and 151st) death from COVID yesterday. A week ago we were getting 20 new cases a day, yesterday it was 40, today, almost 60. The infection numbers are rising in every state and the far more dangerous Delta variant is now the dominant strain. Our local case rate would have us easily back in the ‘Widespread’ category if that system hadn’t been discontinued, along with most of the rules. Masks and distancing have all but disappeared, and another lockdown, warranted or not, seems almost inconceivable. The people here are sick of all this twice over and seem happy, if not delighted, to jump off the cliff given the choice between that and shutting down again. But as always, the virus doesn’t care and exploits our weaknesses, and the graph doesn’t lie.

The difference now is that a magical cure is now available for free at any Walgreens. All you have to do is go in and get it and you really don’t have to worry about any of this. Unless, like me, you have people you care about who for whatever reason aren’t getting it. It is tremendously difficult for me, after how terrible all this has been in so many ways, to wrap my head around why anyone would decline to do the one thing that can actually end it when it’s right there and all you have to do is reach out and grab it. In Africa they likely won’t see any vaccine for years. Here you can pick it up with a bag of chips on your way home, and yet so many aren’t. Before it was a test of willpower. Now it’s just a matter of if you care enough about your life to step out of the way of the train.

Chris Kjelstrup, 

Yuba City

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