Re: Gauche pool

I am thoroughly disgusted and disappointed by this city’s decision to close Gauche Aquatic Park for five months throughout the year. I have been a part of the loving Feather River Aquactic Club family for seven years now and just became employed this year as a lifeguard and swim instructor. 

With the potential closing of this facility for several months, FRAC will have a very difficult time sustaining itself, considering there is not another place locally that can hold 60 swimmers in the water.

 If I did not have the FRAC family supporting me in my pre-teen and teen years, I would not have become who I am today. It provided a safe environment for me to make mistakes and grow from them.

In addition to losing a place I consider home, I will also lose my job during the off season. The work experience I have from working at the GAP has been a game changer. I am able to better handle stressful situations and am well trained in life saving maneuvers, such as CPR and the Heimlich Maneuver. This summer, I personally had 5 rescues and there have been MANY more. Lifeguards help keep this city safe, and our GAP training makes us good guards. Yet the decision to close GAP during several months of the off season was never discussed with the people who protect the safety of many members of this community. I can only hope this tragic decision is not set in stone and we can compromise with our representatives. 

Jessica Silveira,

Yuba City

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