One thing that the voters of Yuba County have little comprehension of is voting for county supervisor is also voting for director of the Yuba Water Agency.  The YWA is being to have a dominating effect on projects throughout Yuba County.  Just note the POD committee agenda for Tuesday.  

Throughout the county, roads are being upgraded, repaired, resurfaced.  This is happening because the YWA “fronted” the road tax money the county will be getting over the next few years so all these road repairs could happened this year.  Most people on the street would likely have noticed the road improvements and attributed it good management on the part of Yuba County.  The county did the work, but the YWA made it possible.

Arguably, in the 2018 election, Charlie Mathews encouraged Mister and Saunders to run because he wanted more support on the YWA Board.  Mathews represents the northern part of the county and Chair Brent Hastey represents the southern part of the county. 

This brings up the question, would candidates for supervisor see that position as a second priority to being a director on the YWA Board?  They would likely not say that, so how could one know?

Should the county supervisors and the YWA directors have entirely separate boards, so it clear what people are voting on and there is less potential for a conflict of interest?

Charles Sharp,

Oregon House  

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