RE: Wearing masks


My husband and I are seniors. We do telemedicine whenever possible. 

We are very concerned about people still believing this pandemic is a hoax. 

Most drive-thru fast food employees are not wearing masks. People without masks bump into us in the stores.

Please people, wear masks to protect us all. 

We are wearing ours to protect you.

-Loretta Burke,

Yuba City

RE: Headlines

The article by Lynzie Lowe, front page, below the fold, about the number of COVID-19 cases going from 47 to 48 is headlined “Y-S COVID-19 CASES JUMPS TO 48.”

“JUMP,” Please, have a little meeting and offer some alternatives. 

It certainly does not need to sound any worse than it already is. We’re trying to keep our heads above water.


-Richard Rohrmann,

Yuba City 

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