Re: Assembly Bill 5

My name is Carlos Estrada and I am a member of this community. I am the founder of a charity called CONQUER the NO. I’m betting that it is the most talked about nonprofit in California because we are gonna make a grand entrance. 

See, I think I have the solution to AB 5 and it’s called “” You won’t find it yet but I own the domain and the app is being designed.

My hope is to use fairisfare to fund CONQUERtheNO. I consider all these delivery service companies to be modern day sweatshops in our own country. The worst by far is instacart. Our area happens to have the best story yet of their greed. 

See their zone for Yuba stretches all the way from Plumas Lake to Oroville and they will expect you to drive that mileage to and from Butte county to Yuba county and only pay you $7 for all your trouble. 

They could care less what their gig workers have to say because they are not their employees. They are the reason for AB 5. I hope instacart and the rest of them come to senses and give me the chance to talk about my solution that will funnel millions into my nonprofit. It would be a nice tax write off for them so I don’t see they wouldn’t want to consider it.

If I am successful, I want to purchase what I know to be the Peach Tree Mall. 

Why do I want to do it? I want to turn it into the largest homeless shelter in California and bail out Yuba and Sutter. 

See I read in your paper they are trying to bully out the homeless but are offering no solution. 

I just did. I think it’s time we start having honest conversations about being part of the solution and quit being blind to issues before they become huge problems. I hope to see community join me so I can change the “I” to a “WE.” 

Again the name is more to come guaranteed.


Carlos Estrada,

Yuba City

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