Re: Gun vs. 

abortion deaths

Every time there is a mass shooting somewhere I hear the  cry, “Think about the children” and immediately following, Sacramento comes up with a new law that infringes upon my right to keep and bear arms.

Depending upon which source you go to, there were anywhere between 30,000 to more than 47,000 gun-related deaths in the U.S last year. However, regardless of which source you go to, they all say that of those gun related deaths, suicide makes up about 60 percent of them.

So, if we go with the average of about 40,000 gun deaths per year, suicides comprise around 22,000 of them, with homicides coming in at around 12,000, and other sundry firearm accidental deaths.

Yet, during the same exact period 600,000 innocent children were murdered at abortion clinics across the land; which means that for every gun-related death, 50 lives were aborted by their own mothers. Yet I hear nary a cry from Sacramento about passing Common Sense Abortion Control Laws. Why don’t we require women to undergo background checks and get a permit before they engage in sexual relations?

If our law makers can require us to to do that for a right which is guarded by an amendment to the constitution, it’s only fair that the lives of innocent children be protected by restrictions upon a woman’s ability to inconveniently become pregnant while engaging in casual sex.


Neal Ross,


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