Re: PG&E employees

As foothill residents, my husband and I have gone  through three PG&E power shutdowns. We are now preparing to go through another one, along with a multitude of other people. It is inconvenient, costly, and annoying and there isn’t anything we can do to stop it.

The decision to do this is made at the PG&E corporate level, mandated by the courts and state of California, and implemented by the workers in the blue trucks. And it is those men and women I want to champion. Many PG&E employees live in the areas affected by shutdowns, so their families endure the same frustrations as everyone else, and they don’t like it either. However, they are now having “insult” added to their inconvenience. It appears, once again, that they are on the receiving end of community frustration and angst. 

They have had their lives and welfare threatened, they have had their trucks pelted with rocks and bottles, they have been cursed at, flipped off, and verbally assaulted while having lunch in a restaurant. And all because they work for a company that has, or has not, had policy in place to deal with the monumental task of delivering electricity to millions of people. 

These employees do the hard and dangerous work, year round, regardless of the weather, while the rest of us stay home with the lights on. They don’t make the decisions but they do implement them, whether they agree with them or not. It is wrong for the public to take it out on the PG&E service people. You have a right to be angry and frustrated, but let those feelings be heard by the people in charge. Contact your congressman, your governor, the Public Utilities Commission, and those at the corporate office of PG&E.

Those are the people that need to hear how the residents/utility users of this state feel. Let’s not let this situation get any worse through incivility.

 Mary Mays, 

Loma Rica

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