The Marysville City Council approved Resolution No. 2021-XX approving a Plan Review application for a 71 Unit Affordable Complex in an R-4 Multi-Family Zoning District at 1315 Yuba Street on the block bounded by E. 13th, E. 14th, Ramirez and Yuba Streets (formally the Caltrans District 3 Corporation yard).

With approximately 50% of Marysville properties being rentals, and an estimated 50% of those being subsidized and tax free including government buildings, Marysville can hardly afford another Tax-Exempt property.

The concerned citizens of Marysville are troubled by the lack of consideration and planning regarding the following:

1. An increase in traffic congestion on Ramirez Street and Yuba Street particularly accessing E. 12th street (Highway 20). The apartment complex would add an additional 70-100 vehicles to an already congested traffic pattern. In addition, Yuba and Ramirez Streets are currently a truck diversion route to avoid the overpass on highway 70 coming into Marysville.

2. Evacuation plans – since there are only two stop lights currently in East Marysville to access Highway 20 in case of an emergency. During the 2017 evacuation with only three main routes out of Marysville it took hours to access the highways to evacuate.

3. The construction of a three-story building is not well-suited to the surrounding housing. Currently, the only three-story building in East Marysville is located on the Marysville High School campus. In addition, the complex will impact our schools and our already strained police and fire services.

In conclusion, Marysville needs the tax revenue to fund the current needs of our City. For example: road repairs, replacement of sewer systems, and code enforcement. It is our feeling that the financial and future goals for Marysville should not be to provide more tax-exempt buildings that are counterproductive in our opinion and don’t serve the citizens of Marysville.




Margie Rollins and Jan Turnquist,


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