We have the power to beat this virus. 

As reported by the Appeal-Democrat earlier this week, one of our neighbors tested positive for the COVID-19 virus. Sending my best thoughts to Mr. Victorino and his family. Get well soon, sir.

Bottom line is that with the lack of available testing in the entire state, we have limited knowledge on who may be carrying this virus.

We know that it is very contagious and we as a community have the power to stop the spread by doing all the things that our health experts are ordering us to do, such as: limit your contact with others, stay at home unless you have to engage in essential functions. Essential functions include getting exercise, and if using public parks, be sure to use social distancing. You may also consider not using surfaces that have been used by many: such as playground equipment.

And, probably the most powerful power we have to beat this virus is to wash our hands and not touch our faces (I have a real hard time with the last one, but I am trying really hard).

The best and most up-to-date information can be found at https://www.yuba.org/coronavirus/

If you have symptoms, call your doctor or local clinic first. They will give you the best advice. They will also guide your next steps. Please follow their direction no matter how frustrating it may seem.

Stay Safe and Healthy, Marysville. We can beat this thing together. 

Feel free to contact me directly anytime by emailing rsamayoa@marysville.ca.us.


Ricky Samayoa,

Marysville mayor

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