Your front-page coverage of the final Trump/Biden debate, in the Friday, October 23, issue of the Appeal-Democrat, once again clearly evidenced the partisan and biased stance of your paper with its one-sided treatment, consisting of negative, pick-and-choose commentary about so-called “inflammatory” charges of Donald Trump, while treating Joe Biden, as usual, with kid gloves – completely ignoring verifiable lies, failing to follow up on key assertions, and neglecting to even mention some of his most alarming pronouncements.

Serious allegations raised by Trump regarding business deals involving both Biden and his son Hunter, entered into during the time Biden was vice-president, were dismissed by the Appeal as lacking “any solid evidence.” These arrangements with companies and operatives in Russia, Ukraine, and China, which Biden and Hunter traveled to on the taxpayers’ dollar, generated millions in “pay-for-play” payments, enriching both Hunter and Biden. Yet, when questioned, Biden angrily asserted that he had “not taken a penny from any foreign source in (his) life.”

Yes, and the Easter Bunny is real, too.

Such blithe dismissal of known and potentially scandalous activities and outcomes should be making headlines. But it appears that the Appeal-Democrat is marching in lock-step with the nationwide news media in its gag order against anything anti-Biden. You can rest assured that the Democrats and the media would be all over this, if it was about Donald Trump – regardless of lacking “any solid evidence.”

At times, stuttering and stammering, Biden told some other whoppers during the debate, including his assertion that nobody had ever lost their private health insurance plan due to Obamacare (absolutely untrue), which he then said he would replace with “Bidencare,” and his adamant denial of having ever said he would put an end to fracking (which, in truth, he has stated over and over). Then, there were his reckless pronouncements, stating that he will implement a total nation-wide lockdown, due to the coronavirus (which will be the coup de gras for small businesses), claiming that he will implement a blanket increase in the minimum wage to $15 per hour (another sure-fire business killer), and his bombshell statement that he will phase in a total shutdown of the U.S. oil industry! But none of this was even mentioned in your paper’s debate “coverage.”

Such biased reporting and intentional withholding of essential content is wholly indefensible and constitutes a gross disservice in failing to fairly and impartially inform your readership.



Michael Strong

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