I was glad to see your editorial in the newspaper regarding the old, decrepit Marysville hotel.

I am a 1963 graduate of MUHS. Marysville was a much better town in 1963!

I moved away from California for marriage and jobs, but moved back five years ago.

Someone who knows the owner of this hotel must talk with him directly and reason with him that what he is doing to Marysville is terrible and very selfish!

The cost of taxes for this building and the pest control expenses must be large.

Any businessman worth his salt would sell this building and land, so that Marysville can put a useful, more attractive business on that land, and let Marysville prosper.

I sure hope someone in Marysville government or a private citizen can get rid of this awful piece of blight in Marysville.

Charlotte Woutila

Plumas Lake

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