I am a U.S. citizen and I want the border wall for the safety of Californians and U.S. citizens, and a fingerprint reader at the border.

It is ridiculous that we should pay medical for illegal Californians. I do not want my taxes raised to pay for foreigners’ free medical expenses, or their children flooding our schools, or their county welfare entitlements. Somebody has to pay the bills, and I don’t want Prop. 13 eliminated so that we can be generous (out of somebody else’s pocket) to pay their bills off the taxpayer, when we have other eminent needs, like Paradise Camp Fire victims and our own issue, the homeless. Money is not coming from a bottomless pit.

I pray that when the border wall comes to the Supreme Court the judges will rule it’s OK to use the military to build the wall with national security military money already approved by Congress through September. 

Louise Ahart


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