The Binney Junction Project fixes safety issues and will help flow in that segment. However, the problem lies in what is being ignored. The CalTrans project of adding passing lanes on SR 70 to the north of our segment was not included in the information given to us, therefore we don’t know the true impacts for Marysville. Getting these improvements are needed but not at the cost of taking on more traffic issues and poorer air quality. Residents need to be aware of these facts, (even our approved Bike and Pedestrian Plan was left out). 

Think about how bad traffic on SR 70 south of 14th through our city is currently and how 5 lanes from the north will affect us. Do you think it will get better?

 In that the amount of funds needed for this short segment is in the millions CalTrans should seriously consider those alternatives such as the By-pass mentioned at the presentation before using taxpayers’ funds on this short segment.  Some may say no, we want some beautifications now as it’s long overdue. I get that, but let’s get the full picture before we are led astray. I believe Caltrans will see these issues and revise the draft as both Federal and State mandates are on our side. Hopefully they seriously look at all by-pass options, if it will take 25 years as they mentioned, we best start it now not later.



Kelly Richcreek,


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