About two months have passed since one of the most horrific attacks on our government was perpetrated. 

 Let me start by posing a hypothetical. If the protesters on the ellipse that day had been left to their own devices would an attack on the capitol ever have happened? Without Bo, Trump Jr., Rudy and Trump inciting them would they have acted? Did the message the crowd received focus and embolden them to act outside normal protest parameters? Hope you get the answers correct. If not read on.

 Many will tell you, flat out, that the crowd had pre-planned exactly what they were going to do and because of incitement by BLM and Antifa they were forced to implement that plan. (If this is true it is a sad and embarrassing thing to have to admit.) “Sure it may have gotten out of hand,” they say, “but it had to be done.” “1776.” The Revolutionary War was in part fought because of “Taxation without representation” not some politician’s irrational delusion that he was the victim of election fraud and did not have the courage to concede gracefully.  

 At best these folks had a “notion” not a plan and were poorly organized if at all. Mob mentality. At the behest of their leader they reported to the appointed place at the appointed time in anticipation of a “wild time.” They knew that Trump had exhausted all legal avenues to overturn the election and that radical if not violent action was required to “Stop the Steal.” They were ready; they had to be aimed —“down Pennsylvania Avenue to the capitol” (“I’ll be with you”) and, fired, “Peacefully support the weak members of Congress.” “Stay strong.” Ask yourself what the word “support” means in this context. Sounds like a call for strong arm coercion to me, i.e. “We’re going to provide you some support so’s you make the right decision, understand?” Typical Godfather speak for someone from NY.

 Longstanding reassurances that he had their back and the National Guard was on standby never materialized. Where are the Presidential grants of immunity? Sorry, you have to go under the bus like so many before you because you failed.

 But for Mr. Trump, the protest/riot of January 6th could have been avoided. Possibly the greater injustice was that Mr. Trump was not even held to account by Congress. As Senator McConnell said, he may yet have to toe the line in the judicial system. One can only hope he will face a day of reckoning either here on earth or on Judgement Day. Lives were lost; he was responsible. If you are one of those still supporting Trump even knowing the man he has shown himself to be, shame upon you.

 Remember the day!



David Hudspeth,

Yuba City

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