At the end of a recent visit to a local ER, I was given a transportation voucher for a ride home.

Over my objections, I was placed in a cab with a driver and another passenger not wearing masks. The cab also was running air conditioning with all the windows closed.

The subsequent ride was a nightmare, with me being purposefully coughed on by the other passenger. No wipe down of doors or seats was done. In other words, every CDC guideline for shared rides was ignored by the driver. 

When I complained, he was cavalier and dismissive. 

Rural Calif is not immune to Covid and the people who choose to continue to work as ‘essential workers’ must comply with the safety measures put out by the CDC and the state and there must be consequences for people like this driver who claim ignorance while putting customers’ health and lives at risk. Yuba County let’s not be the next hotspot!


Carol Brooks,


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