I was saddened by one of the two state candidates’ attitude and comments in the paper on Thursday, Sept. 24th, page A-3.  Afforded the opportunity to state to the public who they were and what they stood for, one chose the high road and kept his comments to the issues and the facts.  The other’s statement, apparently written in the third person by someone other than the candidate himself, chose to take several cheap shots at his opponent, rather than stick to the issues and the facts.  I for one have had enough of the nastiness of current politics.  If you can’t be a lady or a gentleman in your public dealings, then you will not get my vote. 

Stick to the issues and knock off the personal attacks and smear campaigns.  Enough is enough!  I won’t mention any names, but anyone who read the piece will know to whom I refer.  The contrast between the two was clear.  I fully expect some of our local nasties to viscously attack this letter as they normally tend to do when you don’t agree with them.  They will only prove my point.  


James P. Carter,


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