Thank all of you very much for the annual Chinese New Year’s Parade. The volunteers and workers and members doing such a wonderful affair for all of us to attend. It is the high light for all of us and our families. I was so impressed about the well behaved children whose received treats wrapped in papers and took the papers into the nearby trash containers.

I am having my 92nd birthday this month and when sitting at Fourth and D streets, the store was open and I went inside and purchased my own item for just me! A lovely ruby ring. I have always wanted a ruby ring and I got one. 

The other thing that happened to me was a lovely little girl came to me and gave me two plants that had blossoms on the stalks. That little girl is a blessing to all those who have her and see what her kindness has done for us. I hope her family knows was she did that for strangers at the parade. She cheered up my day so much.

Thank you and God bless. 

Joanne Meed Armstrong


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